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Reclaiming Victory minstries providing, Christian Mentorship, Christian Counseling, Career counseling, Career guidance, College major selection, Marriage and family counseling, Deliverance, Healing, Christian Training, Christian leadership training since 2001. There are times in our lives where we cannot seem to stop ourselves from participating in a particular undesirable action, exhibiting a particular attitude or from alienating those in our most meaningful relationships.

Here at Reclaiming Victory we strive to dive below the surface issues. We focus on the root causes behind the behaviors and attitudes that make us falter.

Our goal in this ministry is to realign lives with the Word of God in a way that is easily understood and can be practically applied. We give insight into what is wrong and also give instruction in what to do about it.

Reclaiming Victory is all about character transformation. The RVM process touches an individual's heart and soul. It provides the momentum needed to make choices that are in keeping with righteousness. Our hope is to bring resolution and restoration that translates into daily life in the most positive and satisfying way possible.
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